Premiere of Canada C3 - Coast to Coast to Coast
June 28 2018

All eyes were on the giant CINÉ+ screen at the Canadian Museum of History for the June 26 premiere of "Canada C3 - Coast to Coast to Coast", an inspiring 46-minute documentary retracing the 150-day journey of the Polar Prince icebreaker from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage in 2017.

As the Museum's CINÉ+ Canada C3 page describes:

"From coast to coast to coast, the expedition and its diverse teams of Canadians, sailed over 25,000 kilometres, visiting communities, national parks, marine protected areas, and many other remote and extraordinary corners of the country, while discovering and sharing profound stories about the people, places, wildlife, history and cultures that make up this vast and diverse country – a community of communities."

Affinity was thrilled and honoured to be part of the post-production team bringing this beautiful and heartfelt story to life.  Affinity Audio's Jordy Bell provided an immersive 5.1 audio mix while Chris Coote worked his DaVinci Resolve colour grading magic to weave hundreds of shots from multiple cameras into a seamless visual whole.  Finally, David Zimmerly encoded both the English and French versions into 4K UHD DCP masters for pristine playback from the Museum's 60,000 lumens 4K digital laser projection system.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with the project's directorial and editorial team, the producers and coordinators, as well as with the Museum's CINÉ+ staff to complete and deliver the program, and in a remarkably short time!  It was also wonderful to finally meet each other in-person at the premiere since the team members were literally scattered across Canada during post.

"Canada C3 - Coast to Coast to Coast" will play exclusively at the Canadian Museum of History throughout the summer of 2018.  Congratulations to everyone!

Left to right:  Jordy Bell - Audio Engineer, Claudine Bergeron - Co-Director/Editor, Léonie T-Clavette - Director/Editor, Chris Coote - Colourist, David Zimmerly - 4K DCP Mastering