April 19 2018

We're so happy to officially welcome Sarah to Affinity as our new Producer!!

Sarah Kryszak comes with a full tool kit. She brings the bi in bilingual, 15 years of makeup and acting experience, 10 years of production coordination and project management. Sarah can ensure the job is finessed from conception to completion, while shaping your eyebrows! Just don't get her started about cats… prrrrrrrr

April 13 2018

How lucky are we to be Canadians and live in the capital of this wonderful country?!  Affinity is proud to be working on a video celebrating the history of the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings just before it goes undercover for a complete 10 year renovation!

Health Canada
March 23 2018

We recruited our friends and family with teenagers and produced a campaign to influence Canadians to reach for beverages that aren't loaded with sugar.  Thanks to all! With an incredible team (Katie Tallo, Director, Karl Roeder, DOP, Roland Marckwort, Gaffer and Tech Asst., Sarah Kryszak, Producer and Makeup / Wardrobe, Chris Coote, Post Production), we knocked the socks off this thing!  SWEET! Stay tuned for the spots coming next week... and have a fabulous weekend.   

It's December!
December 04 2017

The Christmas Elves (Dave Gallant and Diane Camelin) have set up the Affinity Christmas tree.  There are presents starting to appear underneath!  We are collecting for the Ottawa Mission and if you would like to contribute, please drop off any donations.  It will be nice to see you for some Christmas cheer (we always have so-so coffee on hand!)  Here is the list of most needed:

We appreciate any donation you are able to make!

  • New men’s underwear (sizes SM – XXL)
  • Men’s disposable razors, shaving cream & deodorant
  • New or gently used bath towels
  • New or gently used men’s steel toed work boots, sizes 9 to 12
  • New or gently used men’s Fall coats
  • New or gently used men’s jeans, sizes M-XL

Wild Time
December 01 2017

Guess who came to visit the Affinity shop?  Berkeley, the 10 week old bobcat.  OH SO CUTE!  The whole office stopped working while she was here.  Have a great weekend!

In the Audio Booth with the Martels
November 16 2017

Having fun ... in the audio booth at Affinity (Atomic) Audio, voicing the first episode of the second season of CRTC's the Martels.  Check the family out and "like them" on Facebook ... cause gosh, darn they're likable - !


Affinity Audio (Atomic) Riverdale ADR Session
November 08 2017

What's happening at Affinity (Atomic) Audio?  We're slowly making a name change transitioning from Atomic Audio to Affinity Audio.  In the meantime, our studios are busy - keeping Jordy and Serge, audio engineers extraordinaire hopping. 

Earlier this week, we had a visit from a member of Riverdale's most renowned motorcycle gang - the Southside Serpents.  Toni Topaz (Ottawa's Vanessa Morgan) was in the vocal booth at Atomic Audio, recording ADR (automated dialogue replacement) for Season 2 of the popular Netflix series.

The session was completed using Source Connect, allowing us to send high quality audio and timecode (used for syncing recording systems with studios that are thousands of miles away) in real-time, ensuring accurate takes and perfect sound quality every time. Yay!

Bank of Canada Currency Museum
October 27 2017

The Bank of Canada's new (opened July 1) Currency Museum is showing the Affinity produced C150 Bill video.  Wacky dimensions - 7296 pixels X 1368 pixels, but we made it work!  

September 29 2017

9 videographers, 9 camera packages, 2 jibs and a sound guy!  Last Sunday we brought together some of our favourite shooters to cover the National Police Service Memorial on Parliament Hill.  It was a HOT one - members on parade and folks in the audience were dropping like flies under the heat of the sun ... but not our team!  And they were up on roofs or running around with cameras, tripods, extra batteries and media discs.  Awesome work guys, gal, and the Affinity Production Services team. And thank you!

*Of course we all wanted to have them move the Ryder truck for our impromptu group shot! 


September 22 2017

There's a lot going on at Affinity!  Last week we had 3 HUGE TSN shoots to gather the media assets and player profiles for the upcoming NHL Season. Check out the Crocs on Karlsson!!

Way to go A Team!!

photo credit:  Brad Cotten (grip) 

Shekhar steps in
September 08 2017

It’s that time of year…. kids are going back to school and our own Donnie (er Don) Wallace is off to college!  We’re proud and will miss him but will call Don in when we need his special skills or his young brute strength.  Helping to fill the void is Shekhar Bharti - who “shakes it like a Polaroid picture”.  Shekhar graduated in 2016 from the Algonquin TV Broadcasting program and has proven to work hard to ensure that our clients have what they need to make their vision happen. 

Welcome Jordan!
September 05 2017

Affinity would like to welcome - Jordan Ladisa - Editor

Jordan Lad-is-a is a hard working individual who is has been enlisted to help out with our Navy contract as well as anything else we need to throw at him. Enjoys a good pun here and there.  

He owes a lot to the sidewalks.  They’ve been keeping him off the streets for years….

Chris in Chicago
August 30 2017

Chris Coote + Chicago = Colourist (Master) Class

Chris was in Chicago tuning up his HDR Colourist Toolkit. They covered:

  • ACES workflows and grading
  • UHD and HDR workflows and grading
  • Rec 2020 and Wide Colour Gamut
  • Dolby Vision in practice

This means Chris will be putting out even prettier pictures!!


Affinity Tape
August 10 2017

Dre's got his beats, Matthew McConaughey is in the driver's seat for Lincoln Motors and now Affinity is busting out to change the world of Pro-Grade Clear Textured Tape... anti-slip y'all.... Thinking of buying some late night screen time and having Ron make the pitch.  Thoughts?

Back Shop Boys
July 28 2017

The "A" Team!  Load in, load out, load in, load out, load in, load out: La Machina, Gusto: What's on the Grill, MOW: Mommy's Little Angel, Gusto: Fresh Market Dinner, Carte Blanche: Amelie & Compagnie. The Affinity Back Shop Guys wish you a happy weekend!