Ron Gallant

President | Owner

President and owner of Affinity since 1994, Ron is known in the industry as a man of his word. And as a collector of a whole bunch of Harleys and rockin’ muscle cars.

Jamie Banks

Vice President | Senior Producer

Jamie loves her job, all aspects of it… clients, freelancers - putting the right team together. She still has a passion for cracking the whip. Meow.

Dale Weber

Office Manager | Production Manager

Affinity’s longest fulltime employee (she’ll win a special award), Dale is known for paying bills before they’re due. Our freelancers adore her.

David Zimmerly

Post Supervisor | Editor | Consultant

Buzz. Click. David is a tech guru who knows more than anyone has a right to about all things post.

Dave Gallant

Production Services Manager

Dave coordinates client and Affinity gear requirements and manages our constantly growing inventory.  This includes overseeing acquisitions of the latest and greatest toys thus ensuring Ron’s retirement is only a fantasy...

Chris Coote

Senior Editor | Colourist

Chris constantly leaves us shaking our heads asking “How’d he do that?” Since 94’ Chris has been holed up in the suite making good things happen. Some believe he lives here.

Diane Camelin

Administrative Assistant

Diane’s dedicated approach to her work shines through with her quirkiness and attention to detail. It’s rumoured around these parts that she has only ever been seen with a smile on her face. We're waiting …

Tehya Blake

Editor | Motion Graphics I Post Production Coordinator 

From dubbing to backups to editing, Tehya uses her versatile skills in post-production, going from edit suite to edit suite, ready to get ‘er done!

Jordan Ladisa

Editor | Motion Graphics

Jordan Lad-is-a hard working individual who is has been enlisted to help out with our Navy contract as well as anything else we need to throw at him. Enjoys a good pun here and there. He owes a lot to the sidewalks.  They’ve been keeping him off the streets for years….

Richard Venasse

Equipment Technician

With skills that would make McGyver jealous, Richard is industry renowned as the man who can figure anything out gear related. Sensei.


Chris Gillissie

Equipment Technician

Not just a one-trick pony clamp, Chris has a broad knowledge of production elements and the determination to see the job through to Affinity and beyond!

Shekhar Bharti 

Equipment Technician

Shekhar Bharti - “shakes it like a Polaroid picture”.  Shekhar graduated in 2016 from the Algonquin TV Broadcasting program and has proven to work hard to ensure that our clients have what they need to make their vision happen. 

Serge Coté - Affinity Audio

Composer | Audio Engineer | Sound Designer | Mixer

By day, Serge is an award winning composer for TV, Film and all media. By night, he seems to do the same thing. Maybe if he didn't care so much...

Jordy Bell - Affinity Audio

Audio Engineer | Sound Designer | Mixer

Our sound effects specialist puts the right amount of spice to any project from intense live action to very involved animation. When he plays drums on the side with his punk band, he sometimes gives us the Creeps... in a good way.

Don Wallace

Equipment Technician

 Is there such thing as an Equipment Whisperer? If there is, Don is one of those. He has the gift of making sure that gear coming out of our production services department is … whispered really, really well.